Reach people where they are.

Communicate or reinforce your prevention system using short and captivating video or audio broadcasts, directly accessible on your team members' phones without any app or password.Monitor their progress with the traceability and reporting system.Corporadio helps you in reaching people, irrespective of their work location.

Information and prevention

The short video or audio format enables your team members to truly engage with safety topics and the life of your company. Use Corporadio to broadcast one-off information, to onboard new employees, or to remind people of good safety practices regularly!

Ultra simple for the team member

Your team members can access your onboarding and prevention journeys, or the communication from your HR team or CEO, directly from their phone.
No application to install. No password to enter.
Perfect for allergic to learning new technology.

Set up and forget

Whether it's for a single communication, an onboarding journey, or a training program, Corporadio simplifies the process for you. Simply subscribe users' phones once, and they're ready to roll! This streamlined approach provides a reliable, efficient way to ensure continuous communication and learning within your team.

Traceability and Reporting

Easily visualize the prevention status of each team member. Where are they in the prevention or onboarding journey? Have they signed to confirm watching each mandatory video? Take care of your team members and ensure they are up-to-date with communications and preventative measures.

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